Senator Loughran Cappel

SPRINGFIELD – To address the shortage of Career and Technical Education teachers, State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel led a measure through the Senate that would allow them to be granted tenure.

“The need for CTE teachers continues to grow as more students enroll in these programs across the state,” said Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood). “We have to acknowledge the crucial work they do to educate students with hands-on learning experiences.”

Senate Bill 463 would allow CTE teachers to be granted tenure if they have a license with credentials. Under current law, teachers are required to have a Professional Educator License to be granted tenure. Loughran Cappel’s measure aims to expand the requirements to include CTE teachers.

“It’s important to ensure CTE teachers can receive the tenure that they are entitled to,” said Loughran Cappel. “I’ve been a strong supporter of CTE and want to make sure our educators receive the benefits they deserve.”

Senate Bill 463 passed the Senate and heads to the House for further consideration.