SPRINGFIELD – In order to bring awareness to dyscalculia, State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel has declared March 3 Dyscalculia Awareness Day.

“Dyscalculia is an often misunderstood learning disability, leading to many individuals living undiagnosed,” said Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood). “By bringing awareness, there is hope for a future where those suffering will find the most effective strategies possible.”

Senate Resolution 703 declares March 3, 2024 as Dyscalculia Awareness Day in Illinois. Dyscalculia is a condition that affects a person’s ability to comprehend mathematical tasks and concepts. Symptoms of dyscalculia are more likely to be present during childhood.

Between 3-7% of children, adolescents and adults suffer from dyscalculia – however, many people go undiagnosed due to a lack of understanding and recognition of dyscalculia. When dyscalculia goes undiagnosed, there is a risk of the individual developing depression and a decline in self-esteem. Treatment for dyscalculia focuses on learning through repetition, tutoring and teaching in a multisensory way.

Senate Resolution 703 was adopted by the Senate Thursday.