Cappel BudgetAddress Coral

SPRINGFIELD – State Senator Meg Loughran Cappel (D-Shorewood) released the following statement in response to the governor’s budget address Wednesday:

“We have to continue our commitment to adequately funding our schools. As chair of the Senate Appropriations Education Committee, I want to see us invest in K-12 education to ensure students get a quality education that sets them up to be lifelong learners. When we prioritize funding education, we are giving people a break on their property taxes.

“I have been a devoted advocate for all levels of education and teachers even before I was a state senator. It’s important to provide the essential resources for students to have the chance to go to college without placing a financial burden on working families. The proposed budget builds upon last year, making higher education a priority with strong investments in MAP grants.

“In the months to come, I look forward to negotiating and passing a budget that prioritizes education, working families and fiscal stability.”